Anonymous: Hey Iris! I hope this message finds you well. Could you please advise if the 'GRAY BOYS' ATHLETIC T-SHIRT' you wore in post 27.6.13 can be found online. Do you have the website address. Cheers!

hey! im doing well thank you :-) i tried finding it online but i was not able to, but its from jcpenney and the brand is xersion! 


Linda Evangelista by Steven Meisel for Alberta Ferretti, 1990

Hey guys!!

So my birthday is coming up on May 3 and I would LO0OVE if you guys could **** TWEET DANE DEHAAN ASKING HIM TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY IRIS! **** you guys already know i am obsessed with him and it would be the best gift ever please!! make my dreams come true!!

i waited 9 hours in line to see him at comic con and drove 4 hours to see him in LA!!!! have a heart.

danes twitter:
our twitter:

so yeah guys plz tweet dane its my birthday!! =) 


"In The Language Of An Actor, To Know Is Synonymous With To Feel" Freja Beha Erichsen by Collier SchorrDocument S/S 2014